Artis Wodehouse Scottish tunes antique foot pump Melodeon

Published on Aug 2, 2012

Artis Wodehouse performs Charles d’Albert’s (1809-1886) 1867 composition, Edinburgh Quadrille on her 1864 Treat & Davis foot pump melodeon reed organ, built during the American Civil War in 1864. This instrument has only a single treadle (pedal) for supplying and controlling the air flow to the reeds. The second pedal is used to open and close the swell shades that effect loud and soft. The piece was originally intended for dancing, and features some of the best-loved traditional Scottish tunes. This live concert video was taken from a performance by the chamber group called Melodeon. Wodehouse founded this group for the performance of 19th and early 20th C. American music. The performance seen here was sponsored by the Richmond Public Library of Richmond VT and given 7/8/12. Whitney Slaten is the videographer/sound recordist.

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Pianist and harmoniumist ARTIS WODEHOUSE has devoted her careeer to preserving and disseminating neglected but valuable music and instruments from the past, with an emphasis on American music. Cited by the NYTimes as “savior of the old and neglected”, she received a National Endowment grant that propelled her into production of CDs and published transcriptions of recorded performances and piano rolls made by George Gershwin, Jelly Roll Morton and Zez Confrey. Her best-seller, “Gershwin Plays Gershwin”, on the Nonesuch label has sold over 500,000 copies. Beginning in 2000, Wodehouse began performing on a representative group of antique reed organs and harmoniums, toy pianos and an 1823 English square piano and an 1860 Steinway square piano that she had painstakingly restored and brought to concert condition. She founded the chamber group MELODEON in 2010 to present little known but valuable music from 19th and early 20th Century America, using her antique instrument collection as the basis for repertoire choice. Wodehouse has a BM from the Manhattan School of Music, an MM from Yale, and a DMA from Stanford.
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