MELODEON, a chamber group founded by Artis Wodehouse in 2011 presents American music from the 19th and early 20th C. with special emphasis on the antique and vintage keyboards in Wodehouse’s collection.  Wodehouse has been joined by Marti Newland, soprano, George Spitzer, baritone,  Andrew Sun, pianist and guest artists Stephen Oosting, tenor and Lori McCann, soprano:MELODEON CONCERT photo

Artis Wodehouse, Andrew Sun, Marti Newland, George Spitzer

MELODEON Repertoire performed January, 2011 through February, 2015

Felix Arndt (1889-1916)

Ernst Bacon (1898-1990)
Songs for low voice and piano:

Arthur Bird (1856-1923)
Music for the American Harmonium, complete

William Bolcom (b. 1938) song cycles

Margaret Bonds (1913-1972) songs

Harry T. Burleigh (1866-1949) songs

John Alden Carpenter (1876-1951) Gitanjali song cycle, poetry Rabindranath Tagore

  • The Day is No More
  • When I bring to you colour’d toys
  • On the day when death will knock at thy door
  • The sleep that flits on Baby’s Eyes
  • I am like a Remnant of a Cloud of Autumn
  • On the Seashore of Endless Worlds
  • Light, My Light

George Chadwick (1854-1931) songs:

Will Marion Cook (1869-1944) songs

Arthur Corri-Clifton (1784-1832)

Charles d’Albert (1809-1886)

Richard Danielpour (b. 1956)

Arthur Farwell (1872-1952)

Arthur Foote (1853-1937)

  • An Irish Folksong for soprano and piano

Stephen Foster (1826-1864) songs and piano solos

  • Oh! Susanna
  • Some Folks
  • Linger in Blissful Repose
  • Soiree Polka
  • Gentle Annie/Village Bells Polka
  • Beautiful Dreamer
  • Nelly Bly Quadrille
  • Wilt Thou Be Gone, Love?

George (1898-1937) and Ira (1896-1983) Gershwin songs and piano solos

Eugene Gigout (1844-1925)

  • Romanza for the Mason & Hamlin Liszt Organ

Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869) songs

Percy Grainger (1882-1961)

Charles Tomlinson Griffes (1884-1920)

Anthony Philip Heinrich (1781-1861)

Charles Ives (1874-1954)

Eva Jessye (1895-1992) Five Traditional Afro-American Spirituals

Hal Johnson (1889-1970)
Afro-American Spirituals arr. for soprano and piano

Scott Joplin Treemonisha Suite 1868-1917)
arr. Artis Wodehouse for soprano, baritone and piano

Margaret Ruthven Lang (1867-1972)

  • Twilight for solo piano

Thurlow Lieurance (1878-1963)

  • By the Waters of Minnetonka for baritone, soprano and piano

Edward MacDowell (1860-1908) songs and solo piano pieces

  • To a Wild Rose, from Woodland Sketches
  • The Robin Sings in the Apple-tree
  • Starlight, from Sea Pieces
  • JS Bach Courante, transcribed and arranged by Edward MacDowell
  • Constancy
  • JS Bach Menuet in G, transcribed and arranged by Edward MacDowell
  • JS Bach Menuet in F, transcribed and arranged by Edward MacDowell
  • The Sea
  • At an Old Trysting Place
  • A Deserted Farm
  • From an Indian Village

Artie Matthews (1888-1958)

  • Pastime Rag No. 2 for piano

Ethelbert Nevin (1862-1901) songs and piano 4-hands duets

  • The Rosary for baritone and piano
  • Three Dances Op. 6 for Piano 4-hands
  • 1. Valse Caprice
  • 2. Country Dance
  • 3. Mazurka

Horatio Parker (1863-1919)

William Grant Still (1895-1978)

Dana Suesse (1909-1987)

  • My Silent Love/Jazz Nocturne for baritone and piano
  • Scherzette piano solo
  • Danza a Media Noche for two pianos
  • The Night is Young and You’re So Beautiful for baritone and piano
  • Midnight in Gramercy Square piano solo
  • Yours for a Song for baritone and piano
  • 110th Street Rumba for two pianos
  • Swampbird piano solo
  • Serenade to a Skyscraper piano solo

Kurt Weill (1900-1950)
Selections from Threepenny Opera arr Artis Wodehouse for harmonium and piano

“Blind” Tom Bethune Wiggins (1849-1908)

  • Battle of Manassas for solo piano and narration
  • Rain Song
  • Wilt Thou Bring My Baby Home?

Lazar Weiner (1897-1982)

Yiddish Art Songs and Piano pieces

  • Prelude from Three Pieces for Piano
  • O’er the Fields
  • Yosl the Fiddler
  • A Nigun
  • Monotone
  • Passacaglia from Calculations for solo piano
  • A Beard
  • Slow and dreamy from Calculations
  • I Believe


19th C.  Latin American solo piano music

  • Por Que, Eh? /Ignacio Cervantes Kawanagh
  • Ilusiones Perdidas/ Ignacio Cervantes Kawanagh
  • La Quejosita/ Manuel Saumell

Operatic Novelties

Songs from America’s Gilded Age

Scottish music for voice and piano

  • Seven Ecossaises/Franz Schubert
  • Bruce’s Address to his Army/ Hey, Johnnie Cope/What’ll Be King But Charlie?
  • Lord Ronald                                                            `
  • Ecossaise Op. 72 No. 4/2/Chopin
  • My Heart’s in the Highland/The Blue Bells of Scotland
  • Ecossaise Op. 72 No. 4/1/Chopin
  • My Luv Is Like a Red, Red Rose
  • Ecossaise in F/Franz Schubert
  • O, Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast/Felix Mendelssohn
  • Ecossaise Op. 72 No. 5/3/Chopin
  • Ecossaise in A minor /Franz Schubert
  • Barbara Allen
  • Flow Gently, Sweet Afton/Afton Water
  • Eccosaise in E-flat/Beethoven/Busoni

Music for antique square piano and foot pump melodeon

Creole songs and piano solo music

19th Century American Synagogue music

  • Synagogen-Melodieen No. 1 Op. 47 for Harmonium/Louis Lewandowski
  • Eili, Eili – voice, violin, harmonium/Jacob Sandler
  • Consolation 2 for Harmonium, Op. 44/Louis Lewandowski
  • Consolation 9 for Harmonium, Op. 44/Louis Lewandowski

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